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    Quote to Cash

    All within Salesforce CRM

    Built 100% natively on platform, Kugamon has the same look, feel, and expected behavior of Easy to customize and extend, access your complete customer data anywhere, anytime.

    Salesforce Products, but Better

    Supercharge existing Salesforce product function with enhancements for sales and billing flexibility. Leverage all the product data you have and gain support for service based pricing, taxes, kits & bundles, volume discounts, and much more.

    Enterprise Quotes

    Update your Quoting to the next generation with Kugamon Quotes. Improve client interactions, lock-down pricing controls, enforce quote approvals, and handle complex transactions with ease.


    Bring Comprehensive Order Management to Salesforce. Gain control of your Direct Orders, Partner Orders, Internal Orders, Web Orders, Phone Orders, Change Orders, Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Orders, Renewal Orders, and more.

    E Signature

    Simplify order generation with Kugamon’s 100% native digital signature technology. Allows your customers to accept orders instantly via a secure URL.


    Streamline Invoicing in Salesforce. No need to log into other systems and duplicate the order details. With Kugamon, your accounting department can easily generate invoices with one click. Gain ability to add Invoice Adjustments, manage Invoice Billing Frequencies by Account and Order, report on Unpaid Invoices, and much more.


    Improve receivables with Kugamon Payments. Accept Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Card, eCheck (ACH), and ETF/Wire payments in Salesforce. Gain the ability to use popular gateways to process your payments/Kugamon seamlessly enables the payment communication between Salesforce and the payment processor. No additional payment processing fees.


    Smart Selector

    Simplify complex product selection with Kugamon’s Proprietary Smart Selector. From telecom formula driven pricing, call center product sales to dynamic subscription service transactions, the Kugamon Smart Selector brings intelligence to product and pricing entry. Reps are able to select the right product with the correct price, every time.

    Kits & Bundles

    Drive revenue with promotions and product combinations. Bundle products and services items together with just a few clicks.

    Discount Control

    Jump for joy with Kugamon flexible price and discount controls. Coupled with Salesforce approval support, easily create and manage the right discount policy with Kugamon Quotes. Gain the ability to assign a price book to an account, associate an account level discount, discount on a quote line, and much more.

    Recommended Products

    Grow revenue with Kugamon. Gain Product Recommendations for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Gain the ability to assign product recommendations, define correct quantity levels for packages, offer and document optional quote lines. Kugamon provides the tools to match the right Product and Service combination to your customers' requirements.

    Volume Based Pricing

    Solve one of the most common issues Sales Reps have in quoting large deals- Standardize quantity based discounts. With Kugamon, products can now be priced at volume tiers. Gain control on quantity level discounting and eliminate routine discount requests. Allow reps to close deals faster.

    Additional Charges and Credits

    Provide accurate quotes on total cost with ease. Offer promotions and credits and gain the ability to display sales related charges, present promotions, make adjustments, and much more.

    Multi-Currency Support

    Extend Salesforce Mulit-Currency handling to Kugamon Quotes. Assign and manage currency on account and sale level, present pricing automatically by currency, allowing your reps to service any customer in different currencies with no additional effort.

    Subscriptions & Renewals


    Make better business decisions by using Kugamon's state of the art subscription management functionality. Gain the ability to manage subscription start dates and subscription term. Track customer term expiration, achieve real time business visibility on important subscription metrics, and much more.


    Automate your Renewal business with ease. Improve your opportunity pipeline forecasts by bringing upcoming Renewals into Salesforce. Improve your customer interactions with accurate and up to date Renewal information.


    Supercharge Salesforce Contracts with Kugamon Subscriptions & Renewals. Gain visibility on all your customers new, expansion, and renewal sales. Gain ability to manage complex subscriptions, track assets, manage renewals, improve accurate up-to-date forecasts, and much more.


    Easily manage Co-Term / Proration sales with Kugamon. Sales Reps and Account Managers can service add-on and expansion requests with a few click. Gain the ability to sell mid-term expansion sales, automate prorated price calculations, co-terminate service end date, and much more.

    Real-Time Pipeline

    Take your opportunity pipeline forecasts to the next level. Achieve instantaneous updates of the your new, expansion, and renewal sales. Automate your subscription and renewals in Salesforce with Kugamon and gain accurate pipeline in real time.


    View your subscription business using Salesforce Reports & Dashboard with the latest data provided with Kugamon Subscriptions & Renewals. Analyze key metrics without Excel and gain real time visibility of your subscription business with enhanced dashboards, ARR, MRR, Net Churn, and other key metrics.

    Inventory Management

    Real-Time Inventory

    Bring Inventory Management to Salesforce and achieve real time inventory nirvana. View product inventory that is updated as inventory is received and as shipments are delivered. Gain the ability to forecast and manage inventory in real time, adjust inventory count, manage replenishment.


    Provide customers with the up to the minute shipment status with Kugamon Shipments. During the order fulfillment process, easily capture and manage key shipment details such as carrier and tracking number. Gain ability to manage shipments, integrate with ZenKraft Shipmate, improve customer interactions.


    Eliminate the need to dig through numerous orders for prior product purchase details. Automatically generate and track key purchased products and fast track replenishment orders with the power of Kugamon Asset tracking.

    Recommended Products

    Grow revenue with Kugamon. Gain Product Recommendations for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Gain the ability to assign product recommendations, define correct quantity levels for packages, offer and document optional quote lines. Kugamon provides the tools to match the right Product and Service combination to your customers' requirements.


    Be it logical or virtual, manage multiple warehouses in Kugamon with ease. View inventory at the warehouse level per product. Gain the ability to assign warehouse to an account or order, manage multiple warehouses, move inventory among warehouses, and much more.

    Purchase Orders

    Enhance your Kugamon Inventory Management setup with purchase order support. Assign suppliers to your product and create Purchase Orders within Salesforce. Update inventory as stock is received. Gain ability to manage purchase orders, manage vendors, receive stock and much more.

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