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Quote to Cash

Save Time, Increase Visibility with Kugamon's Core Order and Billing Application
Gain 360 View of Your Customer with Kugamon Quotes, Orders, Payments & Invoices

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Instantly Configure
Products and Pricing in Salesforce
Generate Accurate Customer Quotes

Eliminate Excel

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Subscriptions & Renewals

Upgrade your Sales & Service Cloud
with Kugamon Subscription & Renewal
Management Solution

Achieve Perfect Forecast

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Inventory Management

Gain Operational Excellence with
Kugamon Real-Time Inventory Tracking,
Asset and Warehouse Management

Fulfill Orders with Ease

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Quote to Cash

All within Salesforce CRM

Built 100% natively on platform, Kugamon has the same look, feel, and expected behavior of Easy to customize and extend, access your complete customer data anywhere, anytime.

Salesforce Products, but Better

Supercharge existing Salesforce product function with enhancements for sales and billing flexibility. Leverage all the product data you have and gain support for service based pricing, taxes, kits & bundles, volume discounts, and much more.

Enterprise Quotes

Update your Quoting to the next generation with Kugamon Quotes. Improve client interactions, lock-down pricing controls, enforce quote approvals, and handle complex transactions with ease.


Bring Comprehensive Order Management to Salesforce. Gain control of your Direct Orders, Partner Orders, Internal Orders, Web Orders, Phone Orders, Change Orders, Up-Sell/Cross-Sell Orders, Renewal Orders, and more.

E Signature

Simplify order generation with Kugamon’s 100% native digital signature technology. Allows your customers to accept orders instantly via a secure URL.


Streamline Invoicing in Salesforce. No need to log into other systems and duplicate the order details. With Kugamon, your accounting department can easily generate invoices with one click. Gain ability to add Invoice Adjustments, manage Invoice Billing Frequencies by Account and Order, report on Unpaid Invoices, and much more.


Improve receivables with Kugamon Payments. Accept Cash, Check, Money Order, Credit Card, eCheck (ACH), and ETF/Wire payments in Salesforce. Gain the ability to use popular gateways to process your payments/Kugamon seamlessly enables the payment communication between Salesforce and the payment processor. No additional payment processing fees.


"Solid and reliable end-to-end billing solution within Salesforce! Kugamon's intuitive package is a natural fit for our business, easily extending the functionalities of Salesforce and allowing us to integrate order, billing, payment and renewal processes in a single and seamless system. Our old process was manual and cumbersome, and with Kugamon we've been able to shorten the life cycle of a sale, so our reps are extremely happy. Thanks Kugamon!"
Nimesh Gupta, OneMob

"I can't speak highly enough of the Kugamon product, as well as the entire team that helped us deploy and roll-out the solution over the last few months. I've been truly impressed with the agility of the product - our price-book is highly complex, yet Kugamon was able to handle most of our requests seamlessly out of the box. The team came up to speed with our business processes extremely quickly and was able to leverage their knowledge to recommend improvements that streamlined our internal processes. THANK YOU TEAM KUGAMON!"
Varun Badhwar, CipherCloud

"Getting 50 sales people to use a new quote tool was no easy task but with Kugamon's help and expertise, we were able to roll out a highly customized tool that was easy to use. I recommend this app to any company looking for a customizable app that comes with a great team!"
Michelle Afshar, Vormetric

"The best Order Management system in SF. This is the best Order management App. not only because of its great usability but because they listen to our problems and produce fixes sometimes in the same day. They worked with us to fix all of our problems and are always open to add new features. I highly recommend this app, even if doesn’t have all you want they will find a way around to make it happen"
Alex Ahmad, ZweigWhite

"Our International Business Runs Smoothly on Kugamon/Salesforce. As of August 1 we are no longer posting account level detail to Quickbooks so we are relying on Kugamon/SFDC for all the transaction level detail for billing, A/R, etc. We are getting into our busy season and everyone remains very excited about Kugamon and the platform. Now that we have worked out our operating procedures I too must say it is running exceptionally smoothly and requires almost none of my time. This is a huge improvement from where we were before Kugamon/SFDC and I can't thank you enough for the help getting us up and running. I look forward to working with you to leverage the innovations from Kugamon/SFDC."
Mark Donovan, Wooden Ships of Hoboken

"Great app, phenomenal support. My company replaced a clunky home-made Access system and various spreadsheets with and Kugamon, and the experience has been great. The app works as advertised, and the team also developed a variety of customizations to meet the specific needs of my business. Importantly, I've simply never seen support that is so phenomenally fast and comprehensive - if there's an issue, they are right on it. This app is definitely worth a look if you need an orders and payments solution."
Tyler Rancourt, Dental Herb

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